Why Smoking a Joint is the Best Way to Smoke Weed

Smoking a Joint is awesome, so awesome that I would argue it is the best way to consume cannabis. I know, most people in the US prefer a pipe, some of you might like to eat a space cake, and yet I still prefer a joint. Obviously there is nothing wrong with consuming marijuana in any way you find best, however there is some magic about the joint that nothing else can quite achieve.


  • Simply put, rolling a joint is awesome. Many people mention that rolling a joint is very calming. Often times when smoking I see people arguing who exactly should roll the joint. I personally enjoy rolling, it improves your skills and often I find myself in a zen like state of extreme concentration, especially during the hardest parts. When you roll your own joints, you can do it in your preferred style.


  • There are different styles of rolling, and levels of experience. Newbies want to practice, slightly more experienced smokers want to prove they can roll one. Pros in rolling often enjoy doing it themselves, some because they simply like to roll, others because they prefer the way their own joints smoke. There is a certain art to rolling and the pros realize that. You can make a big fat joint, or a long thin one, the tightness of the weed can also vary. All of those changes will make the joint smoke different. Those different styles and improving with experience, add a whole new level to joints, that bongs, pipes or edibles do not have.


  • Passing a joint around is the most way fun way to get high. People often have certain rituals when they do drugs. In South America they have shamans who perform literal rituals, before giving you psychedelics. When taking a tequila shot you lick salt, drink and bite a lemon. Passing the joint between  your friends is just like that, its a ritual. Weed is all about sharing and friendship and nothing symbolizes that better than the act of passing a joint. Think about it, if you smoke with a friend why don’t roll two joints and smoke them at the same time? Because passing them is a part of the experience that’s why


  • There are disadvantages to joints too. This wouldn’t be a good article if I didn’t knowledge the good and the bad. It is true that rolling joints is more time consuming than, eating a brownie or lighting up a pipe. You also need different materials, like papers and filter, and missing just one component could ruin everything. Some people claim that the burning paper which you probably inhale is bad for your lungs, that makes sense, but I have seen no evidence and since they do not make many studies on cannabis, we probably won’t see one soon


With all of this being said, everyone should feel free to consume cannabis in whatever way they want. I still think that if you only eat edibles or use bongs, you should try switching to joints for the next few times you smoke, who knows maybe you’ll like it more.

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