Why is Cannabis Illegal?

We live in a society which largely treats marijuana as a dangerous, illegal drug. Those of us who smoke though, know weed is safe. There is no evidence suggesting that cannabis is more dangerous or addictive than legal drugs, like alcohol or tobacco. As a matter of fact the contrary seem to be the case. So, why exactly is marijuana a class 1 drug in the United States, right up there with heroin and a class higher than meth? Well it turns out there is a conspiracy behind it.


The first thing that is important to understand is that hemp was legal for the majority of human history. The photo above shows a Bulgarian grandma with her hemp harvest, up until 1945 hemp was legal there, and in most of the world. Marijuana and hemp are different strains of cannabis sativa, hemp is not used for smoking, but rather for industrial purposes. Hemp seeds can be eaten, and contain a very high nutritional value. The fiber can be used for making canvases, clothes and fabrics. It also be used for different building materials, even concrete. You can also make paper out of it.


This rope is made out of hemp, just one of the many uses for this plan

This last part, the fact that you can make paper out of hemp is essential to the criminalization of the plant. Ever since the alcohol prohibition failed the US department of prohibition was finding it harder and harder to justify its existence, and what better way to do that than to prohibit something. At the same time, William Randolph Hearst, who built the largest American newspaper chain and was hugely influential in Hollywood, had a very good reason for making  weed illegal in the USA and the world. You see, Mr. Hearst was largely invested in the timber industry, used to produce paper and he did not want to see hemp made paper compete with his investments. However there was no way to combat hemp, since it can not be smoked and used as a drug. This is why he arranged for marijuana to be made illegal, including hemp, arguing that marijuana is Satan’s plant. Newspaper stories and films like ”Reefer Madness” were released, brainwashing the entire US nation, demonizing weed, and soon after making it illegal.

For those of you who can’t watch the video, the movie is about a group of teenagers who start smoking marijuana ”the burning weed with its roots in hell”. Soon all of the kids go crazy, there is a bunch of murders and suicides, standard weed smoking stuff. Obviously the large, rich lobby managed to defeat the average stoner and we ended up where we are today. Weed and hemp, which you can not even smoke, were made illegal in the majority in the world. Hopefully, we’ll manage to change that by pushing for legalization, which is already happening in many states and over the world.


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