Music and Weed

People who like music and people who like weed, will understand that indescribable feeling of combining the two – each sound and vibration sounds better than the previous one, and it gets more and more addictive as you fall deeper in this unique experience.

Why Cannabis Makes the Music Sound Better?

Here are 4 reasons why weed makes music better.


Cannabis acts on the area of the brain which processes the auditory stimulation.

In a test that was done, the high person was able to better recall lyrics and understand and feel the differences in the sounds.


Of course every smoker knows that smoking marijuana relieves the stress and decreases our worry for problems in most cases. Imagine relaxing this way, while being sober. The music would probably sound times better to your ears as well, you would just be able to focus in a different way. Cannabis relaxes you and makes you appreciate the songs more than the sober state of mind.


Apparently, marijuana makes you lose the ability to decide what is relevant and what is irrelevant, weirdly I thought at first, but it makes sense. It is why we get more creative when we are high, due to our brain functioning using different methods than usual.


Music is related with a ritual behind smoking, smoking a joint for example and putting on a Bob Marley song. How cool is that, even if you don’t appreciate music as a person you would appreciate hearing a Bob Marley song popping up randomly.

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