What is Sativa & What is Indica?

Once we show interest in the cannabis culture, then we start to understand that there are many marijuana strains, which are divided in two broad groups, Sativa and Indica.

The sativa and indica differ in the way they look and in the high they give. We created a simple infographic illustration with the most interesting differences:


Bonus Facts:

  • A good thing to know about the different cannabis plants is that they come from different regions.
  • Sativa is well known to grow near the equator, while Indica is popular to come from regions of the Middle East
  • Sativa takes from 10 to 16 weeks to grow into fresh, consumable buds. Indica a requires shorter time – 8 to 12 weeks.
  •  Sativa has a sweet flavour that is fruity in most cases. Indica has an earthy flavour.



Consume Sativa during the day, and keep the Indica for the night!

As seen above, Sativa and Indica have different effects on the body. Smoking a Sativa strain is a better choice for the day, as it gives you an energetic and uplifting social high, while the Indica gives you the opposite effects – physical and body-centred, making your body feel too heavy to move, creating a perfect atmosphere for relaxation!

Sativa = High

Indica = Stoned

Physical Appearance:

The one with the hard and pointy leaves is sativa, as it looks more energetic it also feels so!


The other one is the lazier one – indica.


Extra Information

The first sign of use of cannabis was way back in time in 8,000BCE (more than 10,000 years ago), in an ancient village located in the current Taiwan.

Later on, in around 6,000 BCE, marijuana seeds and oil was used for food in China.

Cannabis is one of the world’s oldest known agriculture crop and its’ history is a very long one.

The older name is Sativa, but that doesn’t mean that it is an older type of cannabis, people just named it before they named the Indica or the ruderalis.

Ruderalis – another type of cannabis, that is combined with other strains in order to create a hybrid plant.

Hybrid – a combination between sativa and indica


What do you think? Would you rather have a spliff filled with Sativa or Indica? Share you opinion in the comment section below.

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