Smoking Weed With Strangers. Being Social With Stoners.

Most of us smoke weed with friends, some smoke alone, but very few do it with strangers. We are thought that strangers equal danger at an early age and that we should not interact with them. While generally true, it is also important to experience getting high with someone you don’t know.


The Good:

In theory smoking weed with a stranger should be very awkward. You don’t know how well the person can roll, or how good the weed is, maybe you won’t have anything to talk about? In practice though, things are different. Marijuana smokers have a tight community which means that you won’t find it that weird or awkward at all. As a matter of fact you might be surprised at how similar smoking habits are in different countries. As for conversations, they can range from deep talks about the universe, to general getting to know each other stuff. It can be refreshing to switch up your smoking buddies with a stranger and get a fresh perspective on things. After all you will both be high and therefore be in the same mindset. Smoking weed with someone is one of the best ways to get to them, so smoking pot with someone you do not know yet can help you bond much faster than almost anything else.

The Bad:

Any argument has a counter argument, and this is no exception. Smoking with strangers does require some trust in them, as after all what you are doing is illegal (depending on where you are). You might get in trouble with the cops, but the real danger lies elsewhere. You can’t really trust a stranger’s weed. It might be laced with something you don’t want to smoke. This might not be much of an issue at places where weed is easily available, but in countries where it is illegal dealers will often lace the weed with drugs or chemicals that will make it heavier or more addictive. You should always keep an eye out for the quality of your weed, but with a strangers weed, extra caution is advised.

Another big problem is that there are also some douche-bags that smoke weed. Most stoners are cool, but there are definitely some obnoxious ones as well. There is a chance that you will be smoking with some annoying person that totally ruins the vibe. In such cases though you can always just excuse yourself, or say that you are not feeling alright and leave, end of the day there are worst things that can happen.

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