What is Hemp, and why is it so Great?

The cannabis that we all know and love has a cousin that isn’t nearly as famous or beloved – hemp. We’ll try to do it justice with this article, though. Hemp is illegal at most places and is often grouped together with marijuana, by the uneducated on the topic. This is detrimental to everyone, here’s why:

Hemp cannot get you high

The most important distinction that has to be made when talking about hemp is the fact that it cannot be used to get someone high. It does not contain more than 1% THC.  With such low levels getting high is impossible. Unlike cannabis hemp can grow to 3 meters, but besides that is looks virtually identical to marijuana, which is the reason why the two plants are often confused to be the same. Hemp is a variation of the cannabis sativa plant, so the two are biologically connected, but hemp’s true purpose is industry.

It has mainly used in industry

The hemp fibers are very strong and yet lightweight, this makes it ideal for making ropes, clothes and a variety of other products. Even concrete can be made out of hemp. The hemp industry is a multi- billion dollar one and yet in many countries (such as the USA) the raw product is illegal and needs to be imported. What this does is increase the price for consumers and give incentive for the use of legal crops which are worse suited for the job. The United States is looking at removing hemp from the class 1 drug list and decriminalize it for industrial use. Keep an eye out on TheHighCan, since we will definitely be reporting that if it happens.

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