What Happens When You Mix Weed And Alcohol?

Alcohol and marijuana are often compared to one another. They are both social drugs, which we often consume with friends when we want to hang out. Weed is usually considered more chill, while alcohol is saved for the more wild nights out with friends. However a true pro at getting wasted knows how to mix the two for maximum effect.


What happens when you mix weed and alcohol.

We should start off by explaining what the medical effects are. It turns out alcohol amplifies the effects of weed, and increases the THC in your blood. What this means is that alcohol will get you much higher than you might expect and considering the alcohol will also get you drunk, it is definitely a strong experience. You should also consider that if you are intoxicated, either on cannabis or alcohol, you will not be thinking straight, which means it is highly possible that you smoke a bit too much. Considering all of this, what happens next is – you fade. You probably won’t literally pass out, but you’ll definitely get an irresistible urge to fall asleep on the spot, it’s like you are super stoned, because you literally are, and also drunk. Now that you know what usually happens, here how to properly mix weed and alcohol:

  • Take things slowly. When you are drunk or high you can’t think 100% straight, so you might go a bit overboard when mixing your drink and cannabis. If you decide to smoke joint at the end of a night out drinking, but do not want to fall asleep on the couch right after, you should wait to sober up a little. This is easier said than done, but with enough experience you will learn your limits.


  • Separate the smoking and drinking. You either start with smoking or you end with smoking. It is much harder to keep track of you alcohol consumption and number of joints. What I usually do drink the whole evening and not smoke anything. Then when I get home I light up a joint or two, but don’t drink. You could also start the day out with a joint and then go on to drinking, it all depends on your plans for the evening, just don’t do both at the same time.

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