What are the benefits of a joint filter

Filters or as some people call them, roaches, are an essential ingredient to a well rounded joint. An important step on the path of rolling the perfect joint, is rolling the perfect filter. There are many shapes and styles of filters, but even the most basic “magic W” filter can take your rolling game to a whole new level. If you currently roll joints without filters, or are simply wondering what benefits they have, here they are:


1. Filters give stability to your joints

In order to roll the perfect joint, you will also need the perfect filter. It serves as a base for the joint and if the filter is rolled well and it is round the rest of the joint should follow. When you think about it it is the only solid part of the joint and it gives something for the paper to wrap around.

2. Your joint will smoke better with a tip

If you do not use a filter, you are sucking on the join itself to smoke. While this works fine, a filter provides better airflow, as it is hollow. As you suck on the joint, the smoke will pass through the filter, making it more smooth and easy to inhale.

3. You will waste less weed

If you smoke your joints without a tip, the last bit of weed cannot be smoked. With a tip, you can smoke all of the weed all the way to the filter. This means not only that you will not need to throw away any weed, but you will also be able to smoke your joint more comfortably, as the filter will put the burn of the joint at a distance from your fingers.

4. You can get creative with filters

A great thing about filters is that they allow you to get a little creative with rolling your joints. You can make all kinds of cool patterns and designs. Weed leaf filters, heart shape as well as many more. The filters do not only look cool, but they also allow you to show off your skill.