Weed in Zagreb

Here is a comprehensive guide to consuming and buying Cannabis in Zagreb, Croatia.

Weed in Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is attracting over a million tourists each year. It is only natural that some of those tourists will want to smoke some weed while visiting. So here is our guide to Cannabis in Zagreb.


Cannabis Law

The laws are strict and regulated regarding usage, producing and possessing the cannabis. Cannabis is listed on the same list as heroin, amphetamine, meth, etc. If you get busted by a police officer with cannabis, you will be transferred to the nearest police station. Be ready to spend a few hours there as the police is very slow in the process. Also, you will get a fine around 500 euros if they catch you with up to 5 grams.

Where to Get Cannabis

There are no regulated places where you can buy cannabis in Zagreb. The best way to get the plant is to know the person or ask around. If you’re planning to stay in Zagreb for a few days, try to connect with people on Couchsurfing or similar communities and they will probably help you. The safest place to get a plant is around the main square. There are tons of parks around the square and if you go to west from the square, you will pass by a few parks where young people usually hang out and smoke.


Cannabis Prices

The prices in Zagreb are average for the Western Europe. If you know someone, you will probably pay around 10 euros for 1g. For tourists who visit Zagreb for the first time and don’t know anyone in the city the prices can go up and the quality will drop drastically. You can get decent homegrown buds in 5g quantity for 40 euros.

Other Information

Although the cannabis is illegal in Croatia, it’s not so hard to get a decent plant for a fair price in Zagreb. The best places to smoke are parks, lakes and nature in general. Avoid smoking in public places.

 *Overall “Legal Rating”: 8/10

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