Weed In Vienna

Visiting Vienna and have some questions about the weed situation? Where to get weed in Vienna? Is Marijuana legal in Austria? Thehighcan’s guide to cannabis in Vienna is here to help you.

Where to get weed in Vienna:

Marijuana is easily available in Vienna, if you know where to look. A lot of the big train and subway stations are full with dealers who will sell you weed. The most popular stations to get weed are: MuseumsQuartier, Praterstern and Westbahnhof. Usually if you go there and look around you should be able to spot a dealer, they are usually immigrants. Most dealers will give you a nod, if you respond with a nod they will approach you and sell you weed. Cannabis is usually refereed to as “grass”. It is not unusual for the dealer to lead you around the corner to the person who actually has the weed, or to a place where the marijuana is hidden.   Other places to get marijuana in Vienna include the big parks, like Stadtpark, and next to the club ‘Flex’, close to the Schottenring station.


The quality of the street bought weed in Vienna varies. Usually when buying from a street dealer you will get low quality swag, however there are some exceptions. If you buy hash there is a chance that it is good quality, since many of the dealers are Arab and have better sources of hash than weed. Most of the dealers will sell you 0.8 – 0.7 grams and say it is 1 gram. The usual price of weed in Vienna is 10 euros per gram.

Is Marijuana legal in Austria?:

Cannabis is illegal in Austria, but it is fairly liberal. Medicinal marijuana is legal in Austria. The legal system is set up in a way that targets producers and sellers, rather than buyers.

Generally, if caught with weed the police will  assess the evidence and determine whether it is personal or commercial use. For personal use, the maximum penalty is 6 months in prison. However this is very unlikely to be the punishment. You can usually expect a fine or enrollment in a rehabilitation program.


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