Weed in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. It has a rich history and the fact that it is located on the coast means that extremely fresh seafood is available. What better way to enjoy the city and the food, than to smoke some weed in Valencia. Here is our guide to cannabis in Valencia.


Cannabis Laws in Spain

Spain is very liberal when it comes to marijuana legislation. Possession of small quantities for personal use is treated as a misdemeanor, which means that your cannabis will be confiscated and you might also get a fine.

You are allowed to grow cannabis in your own home, for personal use. Because of this there is a loophole that allows Dutch coffee-shop like “cannabis clubs” to exist. Those clubs are allowed to sell cannabis to their member, and operate in a sort of gray area between legal and illegal. Selling and trafficking weed is illegal in Spain, and you could go to prison for dealing marijuana.


Where to get Weed in Valencia

The best way to get marijuana in Valencia is through a “cannabis club”. They offer good quality marijuana and are much more reliable than a street dealer. if you are only visiting and do not want to sign up for a cannabis club, you will have to ask around or buy it from a dealer. If you walk around the beach, or even the city center you are bound to smell the scent of marijuana, just approach the people smoking and ask them for weed. Otherwise keep an eye out for dealers, usually Moroccan, who sell around the beach or the main tourist areas. Buying weed from a dealer is illegal, and the quality is usually bad. The average price is 8-10 euros a gram.

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