Weed in Spain

Spain is located in the Western part of Europe, near the Mediterranean Sea. Its’ culture and location makes it one of the most popular travel spots for tourists around the world. It is a great place for all ages, but mostly for the individuals who know how to take a break from life and enjoy their time. The country’s biggest cities include Madrid and Barcelona and its’ most famous travel destinations apart from these cities are other great places like Ibiza and Majorca. Weed in the country is more tolerated than other European locations and the industry is legal to a certain extend and so, regulated. Around 10% of the population is using cannabis on a regular basis. The places that sell marijuana are professional cannabis clubs, where you can find good quality weed. The herb is almost legal for personal consumption only.


Cannabis Laws in Spain: 

The cannabis laws in Spain are light, as weed is strongly tolerated. If you are the individual seeking to find some buds to smoke, then you will be fine. However, the consequences for individuals seeking to profit from unregulated sale of cannabis are harsher. Getting caught growing large quantities, or selling on the street can result in fines and jail time.

For the recreational consumers, your best choice of getting some weed is to do some research h on the professional cannabis clubs across the major cities, like Madrid and Barcelona. The clubs are something similar to the coffee shops in Amsterdam, where you can enter and find a selection of marijuana strains. Just like in the Dutch coffee shops, you can chose whether to get a pre-rolled or just the bag. A selection of Hashish is also available. You need to be 21 years to joint this clubs. You will also need a membership!

How do I Become a Member?

New members must be referred by existing members, someone who can vouch for you, basically. You must also meet a few other criteria, based on the specific club. Most clubs at the very least require you to verify your age (some clubs are 18+, others 21+) in the form of a valid photo ID, and have a residential address somewhere in Spain. Whether or not you are required to prove said address is up to the individual club.

Some clubs also require you to provide other personal info such as whether you use marijuana recreationally or medicinally and how much you consume on average each month. Don’t be surprised if you have to sign a waiver stating you will abide by club rules. Membership fees range from 20-30 euros/year.

Where to Find Weed on the Streets:

Prices range from about 8-10 euros a gram, with hash being cheaper. Weed can usually be bought around the bigger tourist places such as the beach and city centre.

Weed Prices in Spain:

Agustinos, Andalucia $6 a gram medium quality December 14, 2017
El Escorial, Madrid $60 a gram high quality December 9, 2017
Barcelona, Catalonia $6 a gram medium quality December 6, 2017
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana $1333 a gram low quality November 26, 2017
Madrid, Madrid $116 a half ounce high quality November 2, 2017
Vilassar De Mar, Catalonia $6 a gram medium quality October 22, 2017
Madrid, Madrid $6 a gram medium quality October 20, 2017
Palmas, Canarias $20 a gram high quality October 19, 2017
Granada, Andalucia $6 a gram high quality October 16, 2017
Noja, Cantabria $119 an ounce medium quality October 13, 2017
Tarragona, Catalonia $8 a gram high quality September 27, 2017
Murcia, Murcia $6 a gram high quality September 25, 2017
Pontevedra, Galicia $6 a gram medium quality September 23, 2017
Granada, Andalucia $12 an eighth high quality September 20, 2017
Murcia, Murcia $6 a gram medium quality September 16, 2017