Weed in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US, after Philly. The city has a rich history, since it was founded by Spanish in the 17th century. It still has some old buildings and even a UNESCO protected National Park. Besides beautiful nature and historical building the city has a lot to offer. Despite its reputation, Texas is a modern state that has a great night life it can offer to young people. Weed however, is quite illegal. Read on for our weed guide to San Antonio.


Weed laws in San Antonio, Texas

Texas remains one of the most conservative states in the US and cannabis is illegal there. Even possession of small quantities of weed or hash could theoretically land you in prison, though that is quite unlikely. You can expect fines of up to 2000$ for possession 2 ounces or less. The punishment you can get if caught can depend on the policeman or the amount of weed you have. You are advised to be very careful when smoking weed in San Antonio and preferably do not do it in public places.


Getting weed in San Antonio

Since weed is very strictly prohibited, you might have a hard time finding cannabis if you do not have any connections. For visitors of the city, the best thing would do is to ask around at skate parks or any place where young people congregate. Feel free to ask people, but still use common sense and avoid getting into dangerous situations, like getting mugged.