Weed in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the financial center of the Netherlands. It’s the largest port city in Europe, and during the last century, the city was the busiest port. If you plan to visit any city in the Netherlands, it would be a sin not to smoke weed there. If you’re a type of traveler who loves to explore cultures and cities while high on cannabis, then you’re at the right place. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Rotterdam.


Cannabis Law in the Netherlands

Rotterdam has the same laws as any city in the Netherlands, which means the smoking of cannabis is legal. However, if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you will be disappointed by Rotterdam’s cannabis scene. It seems that people, especially locals aren’t so open to cannabis culture and the tourism isn’t well-developed. Many coffee shops offer you to buy and smoke potent cannabis legally, but be careful when smoking outdoors. The cops aren’t so friendly to smokers and don’t smoke in public places if you don’t want a hard time with cops. Yes, the police will give you a hard time if caught smoking outside even if the weed is legal.

Where to Get Cannabis in Rotterdam

Weed is legal in Rotterdam, and there are some coffee shops around the city. It’s advisable to buy your weed there as you can get your hands on the highest-quality weed you can imagine. Also, the prices aren’t so high, and these sellers are reliable. There are not so many coffee shops around Rotterdam like in Amsterdam as the city is known by workaholic people who’re focused too much on their careers.


Cannabis Prices

The cannabis prices start at $7 per gram for a decent quality. You can get pre-rolled joints where you can choose between sativa or indica strain for $5 in the majority of coffee shops. However, if you’re looking for a potent weed like in Amsterdam, don’t expect a big choice as the weed culture isn’t so developed in Rotterdam. The usual strains of weed are Skunk, Hazes and White strains. For instance, you can buy a foreign strain for around $4 per gram while high-potent weed like Amnesia will cost you $12 per gram.

Other Information

Rotterdam is an exciting city for exploration, but it’s not the same as Amsterdam. Weed is legal there, but the culture of the plant isn’t widespread. There are some coffee shops around, but police can give you a hard time if they catch you smoking in public. Use your common sense, and you’ll have a great time in Rotterdam.