Weed in Rome

Rome is one of the biggest oldest cities in Europe. Its magnificent buildings, old cathedrals and streets are made to be explored while high. Getting weed in Rome is not the hardest thing in the world, but it is illegal. Here is our guide, that will help you get high on your trip.


Cannabis laws in Italy

When it comes to marijuana, Italy is fairly liberal. It is illegal, but if you are caught with weed for personal use you probably will not go to jail. You can however, expect the marijuana to be confiscated and you might get a fine. If you have more weed on you, or if it looks like you are dealing you can get in a lot of trouble. Selling and growing cannabis in Italy is a serious crime. Overall Rome is more tolerant than the rest of Italy, especially the south. As long as you do not smoke in a very public place, or right next to the police, you probably will not get in any trouble.


Where to get weed in Rome

Rome is a huge city, with loads of tourists, so finding weed is not to hard. Here are a few good places to start looking:

  • The San Lorenzo district is a full of dealers, that will also not rip you off. It is mainly a student district, but if you walk around you are bound to see some Moroccans or Albanians who will sell you weed. Generally if you make eye contact with them, they will approach you and say ‘fumo’ which means smoke in Italian. The price is usually 10 euros per gram and the quality is alright, but nothing to write home about.
  • Piazza di Santa Caterina della Rota is another good place to get some weed. Similarly like everywhere in Rome, be on the lookout for guys that look like they sell weed and approach them. Be nice and don’t worry to much even if you ask someone who is not a deal they might point you in the right direction.

As always be careful when buying on the street. It is illegal in Italy and the people selling it are theoretically criminals.

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