Prague is a marijuana friendly city. You will have no problem getting some weed, while exploring the beautiful old town, or drinking great Czech beer. Here is our Cannabis guide to Prague: architecture-1845560_1920.jpg

Cannabis Law in Prague:

The Czech Republic is one of the most liberal Eastern European countries, when it comes to marijuana laws. Possession of up to 15 grams of cannabis is treated as a misdemeanor, which means you will at most get a fine, if you have 15 or less grams. The largest fine is 15 000 CZK, which is about 680 USD. However, in reality you are likely to receive an even lower fine in reality. Possession of larger quantities of marijuana is treated much more harshly and could land you a prison sentence. Medicinal marijuana is legal in the Czech republic. Because of the liberal laws and large amounts of tourists, smoking weed in Prague is very common. While some people call it the Amsterdam of Eastern Europe, cannabis is not as tolerated as in the Netherlands and there are no coffee shops to buy weed from. Also the chance of getting a fine for smoking pot in Prague is much higher then in Amsterdam. While it is common to see people smoking weed in public, it is advised to do it in more secluded places. prague-1168302_1920

Where to get Weed in Prague:

Getting weed in Prague is not very hard however, getting good quality pot is much harder. It is fairly easy to find street dealers. During the day they hang out around Wenceslas Square and in the Old Town in general. In the night you will have a better chance to find weed, close to the bigger more popular clubs or bars. Street dealers however are very untrustworthy in Prague. You will almost certainly get ripped off, either by paying to much or worse, by getting grass instead of cannabis. The best way to get cannabis in Prague is probably in bars or during concerts. Either look out for someone already smoking, or ask at the bar. The price for a gram is usually 10 euros per gram, but as a tourist you are likely to be asked a higher price.  

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