Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia. Pittsburgh has a reputation of an industrial city, known for its steel industry, but in recent years it has also moved onto tech. Pittsburgh is also known as the city of bridges, due to its 446 bridges situated over the multiple rivers around the city. Just like any large east coast town, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer to tourists. From skyscrapers to historical buildings to clubs and trendy bars. 3

Cannabis laws in Pittsburgh

Marijuana is illegal both federally in the United States as well in the state of Pennsylvania. However, the city of Pittsburgh decriminalized the personal possession of cannabis and hash in 2015. Currently carrying up to 30 grams of cannabis or 8 grams of hashish is treated as a misdemeanor and not a crime. What this means is that if you have a little bit of weed on you, you can expect to get a fine of up to 100$. This being said the odds are that you will not get in any trouble for a little bit of weed on you, but it does depend on the policeman. You probably should also avoid smoking in public places. Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016. 141215_BPR2013_Pittsburgh_overall

Where to get weed in Pittsburgh

Finding weed in Pittsburgh is not easy for visitors of the city. However a good place to start would be Oakland or Downtown. Just walk around and ask people that are smoking or college students, as they often have a connection. You might also want to consider Squirrel Hill as a lot of dealers hang out in that area. Always be careful when buying weed as it is illegal and there is also a chance that you will get ripped off.]]>