Weed in Phuket

Phuket island is an attractive location for people who want to relax and recharge their batteries. Many exciting islands surround Phuket, so if you want to relax in the paradise-like islands for few days, Phuket is a great way to start your journey. The laws on cannabis are stringent in the whole of Thailand, so when it comes to smoking cannabis you should be very cautious. In this article, we’re going to provide you with all the information needed for getting and smoking weed in Phuket. Keep reading!


Cannabis Law in Thailand

Cannabis as a plant and all activities related to cannabis are very illegal in Thailand. Police in Phuket is very corrupt mainly because the island is filled with western tourists. If you get caught by police with weed or smoking in public, you can end up in serious trouble. Depending on the amount of weed, you can expect that police officer will ask you for a huge bribe. You can get yourself out the trouble by paying the bribe, but the police will definitely give you a hard time.

Where to Get Cannabis in Phuket

If you’re looking for a crazy nightlife and weed, you should definitely head to Patong beach area. This place is filled with nightclubs, so it will be pretty easy to get your hands-on weed. Be careful there as undercover police are highly expected in that area. Your best bet is to find a tuk-tuk or taxi driver and ask them to hook you up. These guys will most likely help you without causing any trouble.


Cannabis Prices

The weed quality isn’t the best in general, and the supply is scarce because of the laws so that you can expect a bit higher prices. The most often strain will be a Thai stick for around $10 per gram. It will be enough to roll five decent joints, but the quality and amount of THC is low. If you want to score a better-quality weed, expect to pay around $20 per gram.

Other Information

Although cannabis is strictly illegal in Phuket, it’s commonly known that people are smoking it everywhere. Don’t smoke in public places as people will smell it and there is a huge possibility someone will report you to corrupted police. Our genuine advice is to smoke your herb on hotel balconies or secluded beaches. Use your common sense when it comes to smoking and getting weed and you’ll be fine.