Weed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as one of the largest cities in the United States. The city is known for its history and especially for having played a large part in the American Revolution. Nowadays Philadelphia, similarly to any large US city has many trendy bars and clubs for visitors to visit. Cannabis is still not legal in Philly, but it is not very hard to find it either. Read on, for our guide to weed in Philadelphia.


Cannabis laws in Philadelphia:

Cannabis is illegal in Pennsylvania, as well as federally in the United States. However, since 2014 weed has been decriminalized in Philadelphia. This means that if you are caught with weed on you, the chances are that you will not get in any trouble. If you happen to stumble upon the wrong policeman, you can expect a 25$ fine for possession of marijuana, up to 30 grams. For smoking in public you might be fined with 100$ and 9 hours of community service. Even though it is unlikely that you will get in trouble for smoking a joint, it is recommended not to smoke in busy areas and try to keep it on the down low.


Where to get weed in Philadelphia

Finding weed in Philadelphia can be hard if you do not know any locals. There are a lot of neighborhoods in Philly, where you can easily buy cannabis, but they are usually not the safest ones and it is not recommended to wonder around there and look for cannabis. Instead, your best option would be to ask around, especially if you see someone smoking. Young people and especially university students will often have a contact with a dealer, who could sell you weed.