Weed in Paris

Paris, France, known for wine, art, the Eiffel Tower, but what about Cannabis? The use of the drug use is one of the highest in the European Union. Nearly 13.2 Million people are estimated to at least try Marijuana once in their life, despite the consumption of Cannabis being illegal.


Cannabis laws in France

Most recent research has shown that the penalty for possessing and or using Marijuana is 1 year confinement, as well as up to a 10,000 Euro fine ($11,500 USD). But the selling and trafficking of Cannabis is up to 10 years imprisonment and nearly 7.5 Million Euro fine ($8.5 Million USD).

As it is in the U.S., the legalization of Cannabis has been on the top of the polls for political elections and law refinement. However, the use of medical Marijuana was approved in 2014, with the use of Sativa against Multiple Sclerosis, and everyday use for anyone else is still not legally accepted.

More and more, the country is in debate on how to handle the purchase and use. Stating that it could be taxed and controlled like tobacco and alcohol, setting age limits for purchasing, and also locations or “pharmacies” of where it can be sold from.

If you do decide to partake in the use of Cannabis while in Paris, you will find that as a tourist, you will be granted slight leniency if you light up in a public park. Even walking the streets, you can smell the sweet nectar flowing through the air. It seems that French cops have let their guard down when it comes to smoking Cannabis. And we’ve been told that being caught with less than a gram for personal use, typically just means a slap on the wrist and a small fine. But if you are caught dealing, the punishment can be hefty. So it’s always smart to take caution.

Where to get weed in Paris

Prices of what you can get depend on the location and type of Cannabis that you look for, just like here in the U.S. For more “touristy” spots, I have noticed prices are raised a bit higher than suburban areas of Paris. And if your dealer knows you’re a tourist, be prepared that they are going to jack the prices up because they know you will pay for it.

After contacting my “drogue” (French for dealer), I was able to get a current price per ounce that is available in Paris, France. Obviously this is a general rate, and can be more costly in different locations within Paris, and who you buy from. Again, the further out you go from the City Center, the cheaper it will be.

1 gram Sativa = 30 Euros ($45 USD)

1 gram Indica = 65 Euros ($75 USD)

1 gram Hybrid = 50-110 Euro ($120 USD)

Caution for when buying pre-rolled joints, is that the French like to mix their Cannabis with tobacco. Giving off the portrayal of bigger joints and sky rocketing the prices. This is extremely common for the dealers that sell inside the city, as well as to tourists. But smoking it this way is very common amongst the younger crowds and used more while in public places to attempt to mask the smell.

Spending a little time in Paris, you can definitely find some good “Shh-weed” in the Red Light districts. Law enforcement is slightly more or less about being “turn the other cheek” when it comes to patrolling this area. It is known that Cannabis is dealt in bars and clubs, and the police are more incline to look for “harder” drugs, like narcotics. So you are pretty safe in these areas to go ahead and light one up!

Paris, the city of Love. More like the city of Love of Cannabis.

I rate Paris a 4.5 out of 10 (low to moderate on the risk scale) for use of Cannabis. Even though police aren’t cracking down and searching door to door, the penalties are very steep and I know I wouldn’t want to be dealing with confinement or the hefty fines if caught. Also, there are still cops there like here in the U.S. who think that they can stop everything illegal going on. But, if you do get caught with less than a gram (or personal use amount), typically they just let you walk with a small fine.

My recommendation is to play it safe. Find a solid dealer that will give you a good price and a cozy place to enjoy your North African Cannabis.

louvre-102840_1280.jpgHistory of marijuana use in Paris

The use of Cannabis dates back to the early 19th century in France, when French Forces were returning from Egypt, and brought home a new found dried plant. The use of Cannabis during this time became fashionable amongst the wealthiest and intellectual classes. Although the public generally found the intoxication abnormal and the trend of using Cannabis dropped until the mid-1900s.

In the 1970s, Marijuana was embraced in Paris, just like the majority of the world during this time. Mainly used among the hippie culture, the prominent use began having legal controversy. Sparking the legality and punishment for people caught using or dealing.

Today, the use of Cannabis is by far the most popular illicit drug. Majority of the “importation”/trafficking comes from Northern Africa. As it seems the use and tolerance of Cannabis in Paris is becoming more accepted, however it is still an illegal drug.



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