Weed in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean, just off of the Spanish mainland. It is only 150 kilometers away from Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. Ibiza is best known as a party destination, with a great electronic music scene. It is one of Europe’s most popular summer vacation spots and is visited by millions of people. The nightclubs work until the morning and world famous DJs have residency there during the summer. Cannabis in Ibiza is easily available. Spain has pretty relaxed marijuana laws and weed and hash in Ibiza are often sold on the street.


Cannabis laws in Spain

Spain is one of the countries in the world with the highest consumption of marijuana per capita, the laws are quite lax and arguably only the Netherlands is more liberal when it comes to cannabis. There are members only cannabis clubs through Spain, mainly in Barcelona where cannabis is sold to the members, like in a Dutch coffeeshop. Selling and trafficking cannabis is illegal and you could go to prison for it. Smoking, buying and possessing cannabis in a public place is decriminalized and can result in a fine and confiscation of the cannabis. Due to a legal loophole it is legal to smoke and grow cannabis in private spaces. However, if the weed plants are on the balcony or visible from the street, you can receive a fine.

Weed in Ibiza is more tightly controlled, because the country is trying to cut down on the drug usage on the island. This means that you need to be careful if you decide to smoke in public. There are a lot of cops, some of them undercover and the fines for public smoking can reach a few hundred euros.


Getting weed in Ibiza

Most people will not have any trouble getting hash or weed in Ibiza, with hash being much more common. Usually if you walk around the more touristy parts, you will be approached by dealers and they will ask you if you want to buy. If that does not happen you can also ask yourself. Club promoters and the guys selling sunglasses, and similar things, near the beach will usually have a contact they can call and hook you up. The price of hash or weed can depend but it should not exceed 10 euros. The quality of the hash is usually better than that of the weed.

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