Weed in Hanoi

If you ever find yourself wandering through streets of Hanoi, Vietnam what could be better than smoking some marijuana to enhance your overall experience? You need to know local people that can hook you up with decent quality weed, but the laws are very strict, in theory. Is the practice of law the same?Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking weed in beautiful city Hanoi.


Cannabis Law in Vietnam:

Any activity regarding cannabis is strictly illegal and very regulated by law enforcers in Vietnam. You can end up in a serious trouble doing anything with cannabis by the laws. The thing with Vietnamese police and system, in general, is that it’s not working well and people are underpaid. If police catch you with any amount of weed on you, be ready to get them a big bribe as they will usually ask for it. The country has a big problem with opium and stronger drugs, so they’re not focused so much on people who smoke marijuana.

Where to Get Cannabis in Hanoi:

Weed in Hanoi is very common, but you definitely need to know the places where you should look for the cannabis. Your best bet is to visit Hoan Kiem district and get a motorbike or regular taxi drive. Many drivers will have weed or know someone who can hook you up with the right person. The most convenient time to look for weed is afternoon as police controls are regular during the daytime. If you’re a tourist, then you should probably book a room at any backpacker hostel, and you will most like get your hands at decent cannabis there.


Cannabis Prices in Hanoi:

 Cannabis prices vary, but in general, you can hardly get a scaled amount of weed. You can get a pack of cigarettes filled with cannabis for $5. Also, if you want to get larger amounts, then you can get 50 grams for around $50. When you’re in Asia, you should bargain about everything, and the same thing goes with cannabis. Always negotiate the price as the quality of buds isn’t like in western countries.

Other Information:

 Hanoi is an attractive city with amazing architecture and great nightlife, so it’s not a surprise that people want to smoke some herb during their stay. You can get weed in many places, but your safest bet is by befriending a local or check backpacking hostels. Don’t smoke weed in public places or bars as police usually raid the places and you don’t want to get caught smoking.