If you’ve ever planned a trip through Germany, it would be a sin not to visit the beautiful port city Hamburg. The city lies on hundreds of canals and has many bridges, parks, and amazing architecture. The city core is lovely as it has an Old town and New town which is definitely an attraction to explore. If you’re a cannabis lover, keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Hamburg. hamburg-2976711_1920

Cannabis Laws in Germany

Laws regarding cannabis are pretty strict in the whole of Germany, but it hugely depends on the region. For instance, in Hamburg, you can hold up to 6 grams on yourself. Although if you get caught by police, you will have a hard time as they can legally get you in front of a judge. If you find yourself in Hamburg, be sure not to have more than for a joint or two. Also, do not smoke in public places, especially where the kids are as the cops in Hamburg are pretty sensitive when it comes to cannabis. Germany is very strict when it comes to driving under the influence. If you plan to drive and smoke cannabis, don’t do it as you will end up in serious trouble if police catch you.

Where to Get Cannabis in Hamburg 

Getting cannabis in Hamburg is pretty easy as the city is full of parks and green areas where young people hang out. Just walk around the city and visit some beautiful parks and you will definitely smell weed. Be polite and positive and you can expect people will help you out. To be more specific, you can check a park behind the Rote Flora, but be careful there as many people reported being ripped off. Another great spot are bars on Hafenstrasse. Go inside the bar and you will probably stumble upon someone who smokes inside or outside the bar. The bar you want to check is called Ahoi. hamburg-2383200_1920

Cannabis Prices

The cannabis prices are pretty same in whole Germany and we must say it’s not on a cheaper side. Depending on the quantity, quality and connections, you can get your hands on a decent quality weed for $10 per gram. If you’re looking for a highest-grade weed, then be prepared to pay around $15 per gram. People who prefer hash more can get a Moroccan brick for $7 per gram, but it will be harder to find.

Other Information

Hamburg is a beautiful city filled with many green places so it’s not a strange thing that people tend to smoke lot of weed there. Weed is still illegal in Hamburg, but it’s easy to find. You can get your hands on highest-quality weed for a fair price. Don’t smoke in public places where there is a lot of people as you don’t want to have trouble with the police. Use your common sense when you’re getting and smoking weed and you’ll have an enjoyable experience in Hamburg.]]>