Weed in Chiang Mai

Legality Level of Cannabis 

*Overall “Legal Rating”: 3/10

Chiang Mai is the biggest and most developed city in Northern Thailand. The city is full of tourists and western people who’re living there. It’s very easy to get connections there and you can easily find your favorite herb. The laws in Thailand are stringent regarding weed and police is corrupted, so it’s important to always be careful.

Here’s the weed guide that will help you get your favorite herb in Chiang Mai.


Cannabis Laws

The laws are very restricted on cannabis possession and trade. You can get into a serious trouble easily, just for possessing a funny amount of weed on you. The corruption there is very expressed, so if you get caught, prepare the cop will ask you for a bribe. We advise you not to smoke in the public as you will definitely end up in trouble.

Where to Get Cannabis

The safest way to get a decent bud is to connect with the community of travelers or backpackers there. You can meet many western people who live in Chiang Mai for some time and there is a possibility they have some local friend who can get weed. The other way is by asking tuk-tuk drivers from the neighbor you’re staying. Be careful with cannabis in Thailand in general as you can end up serving a serious jail time for small amounts.


Cannabis Prices

The prices may vary depending on the location or people you’re buying from. If you were lucky and found a local guy who is reliable and trust worthy, the prices will usually be around 400 – 2500BHT. For 2500BHT you can get a decent amount of fresh flowers packed in the newspapers.

Other Information

Chiang Mai is a fascinating city filled with attractions and activities. The weed laws are very strict in Thailand, so we advise you not to smoke weed in Chiang Mai. The safest bet not to get ripped off or locked in jail is to know local people. The quality of weed is below western standard, but for a ridiculous amount of money, you’ll get supplies for few days of smoking.


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