Weed in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe attracting millions of tourists each year. Your visit to this great city can be made even better by smoking some weed. Budapest is made to be explored while high. Here’s the brief guide on getting and smoking cannabis in Budapest.

Cannabis Laws in Hungary

In Hungary, like in most other Eastern European countries any activity related to cannabis is strictly illegal. This means you should be extra careful when trying to get and smoke weed.

If you get caught while smoking, you can expect to pay a massive fine  or even go to prison, even if the quantity is only for personal use. This is very unlikely however, and first time offenders are usually not punished.

People there are very open when it comes to weed, but we can’t say the same thing about police. Also, they have strict driving rules and police usually control drivers on alcohol and other soft drugs. Don’t drive high as it can potentially get you in serious trouble.

If you don’t have any connections in the city, it could be a hustle to find a decent cannabis. Your best bet to score a decent bud are the places where nightlife is going on. Here are a few good places to find score some bud.

Where to Find Weed in Budapest?

Inner City: The inner city is where most of the tourist attractions and nightclubs are. Just walk around some of the bigger night clubs like Ötkert, Doboz or Szimpla and look out for people smoking weed. Ask around and you should soon be pointed in to the right direction.

Hajógyári Sziget: The place where Sziget festival is held.  This island in the river Danube is popular with young Hungarians. As usual when young people are around, there is weed close by to. That is the place with many nightclubs around, so you can just walk around and you will definitely smell a lot of cannabis there. Just ask around around and be friendly.

Keleti Railway Station: This train station attracts a lot of dealers and is one of the easiest places to get weed at in Budapest. You do however need to be careful when buying weed there. The dealers do not really care about tourists and might try and rip you off, by giving you less weed, or in some cases giving you grass instead of cannabis.



Cannabis Prices in Budapest

The prices are the standard for western Europe which means you’ll get a decent looking and potent bud for 10 euro per gram. If you know people there, you can get a high-quality homegrown weed for 7 euro per gram. Also, the quantity is very questionable when you get the weed on the street.

Budapest is a very stunning city to explore, but it could be a hustle to find a decent weed in fair quantities. The laws are pretty strict, so you should be more than careful when smoking weed outdoors.

Your best and safest bet is to burn it indoors and you won’t face any trouble that way.