Weed in Boston

Legality Level of Cannabis 

Good news for Boston: marijuana has been legal in the state of Massachusetts since December 2016! If you are over the age of 21 you can carry up to an ounce, keep up to 10 ounces at home, and even grow up to 6 plants for personal use (or 12 plants if you share property with at least one other person). You are NOT allowed to smoke in public, drive while intoxicated, or bring weed into a school.


Where to Buy:

 You can buy from a dispensary if you have a medical card, but recreational buying won’t be available in stores until 2018. Although up to an ounce can be “given” from one adult to another, dealing for money is still illegal so don’t expect to walk down the street asking strangers where to buy from. For now you’ll still have to rely on knowing somebody, or knowing somebody that knows somebody. If you do have to ask around, your best bet might be befriending college students from any of the dozens of schools in and around the city. You could even try growing it yourself if you have a green thumb.


You can get some very good quality weed in Boston for $50-60 an eighth, but just because it’s more expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better quality. If you don’t know the dealer try to get a smell of it before buying. And if you’re paying more than $20 a gram or $60 an eighth, you are probably getting ripped off.


To Consider:

 Don’t forget that marijuana is still illegal in the US as a whole, and the states surrounding Massachusetts are not as lenient. This means you can get busted after crossing state lines, or for trying to send it through the mail.

Popular Events:

 Check out the Boston Freedom Rally (also known as Hempfest), an event to promote the full legalisation of marijuana, held on the Boston Common for a weekend in September. You’ll find live music, speakers, food and craft vendors, and hundreds of young hippies sitting around the common toking up.


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