Belize is a small country, in Central America. Despite being tiny, Belize has a rich diverse eco system, with many species and plants. The country can also be considered Caribbean, as well as Latin American. It has many beautiful beaches as well as nature, making ecotourism more and more popular. Marijuana is illegal in Belize, but it is fairly easy to get, if you know where to look. landscape-3201048_1920

Cannabis laws in Belize

Cannabis consumption is very common in Belize, however the drug is illegal. In 2017 a new law was passes which liberalized the cannabis laws from the past and decriminalized weed consumption in small quantities in private property. This means that you are allowed to carry up to 10 grams of weed with you, as well as smoke it at home, smoking in public can result in a fine. Selling and growing cannabis is still illegal however and you do need to watch out when buying marijuana. The police does not have it as a priority to catch tourists with a few grams, who are smoking on the beach, but it is still best not to be to blatant with your weed smoking. Try to only consume cannabis at home or at empty and secluded spots to avoid fines. water-3252589_1920

Getting weed in Belize

A lot of people smoke weed in Belize, so finding weed should not be much of an issue. Your best bet for getting cannabis is asking some of the locals. Either get to know someone in a bar, or simply ask your taxi driver, most of them will be able to hook you up. The price and the quality of the weed you get can vary significantly. As a tourist you are bound to get a little ripped off, but weed is very cheap, about 3-4 USD for a gram usually. The quality is often bad as the weed is often grow outdoors.]]>