Weed in Belgium

If you’re a passionate weed smoker who’s coming to Belgium, then we must say, you’ll have an extraordinary time there. You can get weed almost anywhere, the laws aren’t so strict and the Netherlands is 1 hour away from major Belgian cities.


Cannabis Law in Belgium:

Although cannabis is illegal, the laws aren’t so strict and you can get away if you get caught with minor quantities by the police. If you’re carrying no more than 5 grams and get searched by cop, you will probably get a fine and police will take away all of your weed. It’s not the case if you get caught with more than 30 grams as you’ll face serious consequences. Selling and producing is highly prohibited and can get you a jail time if caught. Smoking in public isn’t tolerated, especially not near the public schools and places where a lot of younger people gather.

Where to Get Cannabis in Belgium:

Buying weed in Belgium is a relatively easy process. If you visit any of major cities, even if you don’t know anyone there, you can easily score the highest-quality bud. For example, Brussels offers many parks, pubs, and streets that are famous for selling a high-grade weed. Also, if you don’t want to get in any trouble potentially, we advise you to go to Netherlands for a one-day trip when you want to smoke and just relax there in the highest-quality you can find.


Cannabis Prices in Belgium:

The price is average for western Europe varying from 5 – 15e per gram. All weed in Belgium is of decent quality, so you can expect to get a decent high for a small amount of money. Hash is also spread and easy to find and the prices are around 7e per gram of Moroccan hashish.

Belgium is an ideal country for weed smokers even if it’s not legal to smoke there. The people and police are open-minded, and they won’t bother too much about weed smokers if you’re not smoking in crowded places. Also, Netherlands is quite close, so you can efficiently plan a one-day trip to enjoy the highest-grade weed there.

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