Bari is located in Southern Italy and it is the most important city in the vicinity, with the exception of Naples. It is known for its cultural landmarks and great climate. Visitors of the city can expect an authentic southern Italian experience, with great food, wine and people. Bari is an university city, meaning that it has a cool vibe and a good nightlife. Cannabis is illegal thought Italy, but the laws are quite liberal and finding weed in Bari should not be an issue.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Italian law is fairly liberal when it comes to cannabis. Growing and selling weed can get you in a lot of trouble and even prison. Consumers however are not the target of the laws and possession of small quantities of weed meant for personal use is considered a misdemeanor. This means that if you are caught by the police with a small quantity of weed, a few grams, you will not face any serious legal consequences. You might receive a fine and in some severe cases be sent away from the country. Usually Southern Italy is less tolerant to cannabis, so you should be somewhat discreet with your weed smoking in Bari. It is best not to smoke outside of home and try to avoid the police. Also never walk around with more than a few grams of weed on you.

Getting weed in Bari

Getting weed in Bari can be quite difficult if you do not know any of the locals. Luckily there are a lot of students and young people who smoke marijuana. If you ask around it should not take long before you get into contact with some dealers. You do have to be careful not to get ripped off however. Always check the weed, before paying for it. Hash is very common and cheaper than weed.