Weed in Bali

People who’re looking to have an awesome vacation on a paradise-like island with many sandy beaches and parties should definitely check Bali in Indonesia. It’s a very tourist place filled with all kind of people and if you’re looking for partying, then you’re at the right place! What could be a better way to have an excellent party then getting your hands on weed? What’s the situation with cannabis consumption in Bali? Keep reading as you’ll find out about the laws and how to get marijuana in Bali.


Cannabis Laws in Bali

The laws in Indonesia are pretty strict when it comes to consuming, trafficking or any kind of activity related to cannabis. If get caught with a small amount of weed, especially in a high tourist place, you can expect that the police will ask you for a bribe. The most common practice is that police officer will go with you on ATM and ask you to withdraw everything you have. If you get caught with larger amounts, then you could be in a serious trouble ending up in an Indonesian prison. Don’t play with the officers there and use your common sense when it comes to smoking weed.

Where to Get Cannabis in Bali

As we already mentioned, Bali is a very attractive place to tourists as this place hosts crazy beach parties all year around. Your best bet is to check backpacker hostels that are filled with tourists and you will definitely find a good quality cannabis there. Another way to get your hands on weed is by checking tourist places like Kuta that are full of nightclubs. You will probably be approached by many street dealers who will offer you weed. Be careful though as there are many reports these street dealers will sell a fake stuff.


Cannabis Prices

The prices hugely vary depending on a dealer you’re talking to. The common price for one gram of decent quality weed will cost you around 20 – 30 dollars. Be sure to negotiate about the price as you can expect huge discounts if you’re good enough. Weed quality isn’t the best as the supply isn’t big and the majority of weed is from local outdoor growers.

Other Information

Getting weed in Bali isn’t hard as the place is filled with tourists, so there are many options to find a decent quality cannabis there. Be careful when smoking in public as locals can report you to police and you don’t want to have trouble with the officers there. Use your common sense when smoking and always check the bags if you’re buying on the streets.