Weed in Austria


Want to get marijuana in Austria? While it is decriminalized, cannabis isn’t really legal, so getting it might be hard. Don’t worry though here is our guide on “How to get weed in Austria”


Legality of marijuana in Austria:

Austria is very weed friendly, especially compared to other European countries. Medicinal marijuana is legal in Austria. Consumption of cannabis is for personal use is decriminalized. Selling, possessing and buying weed is illegal.

What this means for you is that if you get caught smoking weed or with weed on you, you might get in trouble, but probably not go to jail. Your weed will be confiscated and you might also receive a fine. Reportedly fines can range from 500-1000 euros. Residents of Austria are also often forced to participate in rehabilitation programs, but it is very unlikely that that would be the case for tourists.

You should avoid smoking in public places, however you can often see teenagers smoking weed in the park, so if you want to smoke outside the park is your safest bet.


Where to get weed in Austria:


In Vienna it is fairy easy to get your hands on some weed. A few of the big train/subway stations such as Prater, Westbahnhof and Schottenring are safe bets for getting weed. Dealers hang out there. They will often look at you directly in the eyes and nod, if you nod back they will assume you want to buy marijuana and approach you. The Stadtpark is another good place to get some weed in Vienna. The price is usually 10 euros per gram. The quality varies from dealer to dealer.

In the ski resorts, such as St. Anton, Sölden and Ischgl are very popular with younger tourists and weed is available there as well. Prices are generally higher than those in Vienna and can vary between 15-20 euros per gram. Weed is harder to find than Vienna, but if you look arounf some of the bigger clubs and bars in the resort, you will often notice dealers hanging out. Another way to get cannabis is by asking some of the workers there, as they might have better sources to cheaper better quality weed than the street dealers.


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