Weed in Algarve

Algarve is known for its beautiful golden beaches and breath taking views, however this Portuguese city has much more to offer. The millions of tourists that visit Algarve every year can enjoy the great bech bars, clubs and amazing castles. If you visit this beautiful coast, it is understandable if you also want to smoke some weed while there. Read on further, for our guide to cannabis in Algarve.


Cannabis laws in Portugal

Portugal is famous for its decriminalization of all drugs in 2001. This does not mean that marijuana is legal, like in California for example, instead it is treated as an administrative issue and not a criminal one. You are allowed to walk around with a few grams of weed in your pocket, without any worrying. Buying and selling however are not allowed and you might face a fine if caught by the police, though it depends on the policeman. Growing marijuana is completely forbidden.

Just like in most tourist cities in Portugal you might often smell the small of weed, when walking on the street or beach. However, it is not advised to smoke in very public places, especially since locals do not appreciate this.


Where to get weed in Algarve

The strategy to get weed in Algarve is similar to most Portuguese cities. Simply walk down a more busy tourist street and you will most likely be offered to buy weed or hash. If not approach the dealer looking men sitting around, they are usually black. During the night your best bet is to get weed around the busier clubs and beach bars. Generally the hash you can buy in Algarve will be better quality than the weed, however it is always better to see it first before paying. The price for a gram of weed is 10 euro, while hash is cheaper at about 5 euro per gram.