Sex and Weed

Banging your partner while being high is an experience that almost every stoner went through. In the following article we will go through some of the goods and some of the bad sides of lighting a J, before you get intimate with your sweetheart, or the new girl you just met on Tinder! 

The Goods

Increase of Sensitivity

Let’s keep it simple, smoking weed relaxes you, makes you feel a little more euphoric as well as emotional (depending on the person you are), it also enhances your senses. In most cases, if you can manage to control the effects of weed in your favour, and don’t panic, then you will feel the pleasure from sex to another level. However if you panic, then you will not enjoy it whatsoever.

Intense and Long Orgasm

Some women who have experience the ultimate combination, have claimed some very interesting factors – orgasms are intense and long (30 seconds). Same goes as here, if you want to enjoy being a high and horny rabbit, control yourself under the substance.

Time Slows Down

Weed, you’ve smoked it 10 minutes ago, but damn that felt like an hour. That’s familiar to all smokers, crush it, smoke it, light it and suddenly the way the clock counts seconds is slowed down. Why can time slowing down be a good reason? Many of the times females are unsatisfied with how short their partner last (Hint for the guys: Make the girl smoke 10 minutes before, so that you can get her satisfied, even if you are done in just 2 minutes!)

And the Bads

Smoked Too Much Again

Who doesn’t reach a point in which he realises that he smoked too much once again. It’s ok everyone does that, but it is messed up when your desires to jump on your partner are below 0, just because you’ve had those 3-4 extra puffs that you should have just left for someone else. Not being able to control how high you get, can affect your desire to get laid!

Bye Bye Millions and Billions of Sperm Cells

Smoking the herb can decrease your sperm count, so being a super-veteran class smoker can affect your chances of impregnating your princess. If that is the case, then take a break so that your reproductive cell number increases, and try again in a little while. You should most likely succeed.

Do you Feel Like Getting an STD? NO THANKS!

Just like getting wasted, smoking can make you be less aware of your surroundings, especially if you are experiencing the pleasure of sex. If the condom breaks, and your partner has an STD, then you can obviously get it as well. Want to stay safe? Just keep it cool, and always make sure you are aware of you condom’s condition, while it is inside your partner and you are ready to make that last sprint!


  • Focus on the present moment
  • Focus on the visuals (for example, her butt)
  • Abuse creativity that is given from cannabis
  • Don’t panic

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