Pokemon GO and the Herb

July 6, 2016 – a date that brought back a chapter for most of us. A few years ago, before all the gaming style changed, Pokemon was a pretty good game for many of us. In a few years, when games such as Call of Duty came to power, most of us were too grown to continue playing Pokemon so we stopped. Who would have been expecting a Pokemon game back then, in which you can run around in your city, and catch Pokemons (almost as if it was real), well that is why it is called augmented reality.

What is it like holding the phone and playing with one hand, while you are taking your 5th puff with the other?

As we have all heard, Pokemon Go made a lot of people go out in their cities, and walk more than they have walked in their whole lives. We all want to catch ’em all, right? A few of those people went through some interesting experiences such as finding dead bodies, because of the game, but what is it like playing the game while high?

Being high with friends is usually a fun experience, Pokemon Go as well. If you combine the two, the fun is doubled, 1+1=2 right? The fun comes in the part where once you get high your thoughts start to change. You are suddenly walking around, watching at your screen and getting into deep thoughts about Pokemon, and if you are with a friend you are either both too stoned to speak, or are in some deep conversation about Pokemon. You should also take some other things in consideration.

Being high usually means being less alert. Being less alert means being exposed to more danger, no matter how funny it sounds, it is true. These are 4 steps to help you stay save while catching your 120th Pokemon high.

1. Don’t just stare at your phone, look at your surroundings and the people around you.

In a big city, such as San Francisco, you are exposed to a lot of danger. Holding your head down, while walking is what a thief is looking for. His aim is to quickly grab something from your pocket or bag, or even steal your phone from your hands and run away quickly. This is why you should make sure that you look for what is happening around every 5-15 seconds.

2. Don’t always enter shady streets, where you know that danger can occur (listen to your instincts, even if there is Mewtwo in the corner).

Of course it is worth it to take the risk of catching such a legendary Pokemon. Measure the risk. If you know that you are about to enter a really dangerous street, measure the risk, and measure it realistically. Is it worth it to have all your goods stolen, and not being able to catch Mewto. How high is the risk statistically. Is it late at night? If so, don’t go. We are not saying that the crime rate needs to be at 0% at every street, but just be smart about it.

3. Cops might stop you, because of suspicious behaviour.

There is a story that just came out. A dude was passing by a street late at night, searching for Pokemons, when two other guys told him that Onyx was just near them. He then caught the Pokemon and started having a chat with the two other guys. A few minutes later, the police decided to disturb the piece, and thought that there is some kind of a drug deal going on. It takes a while to explain to the police what you are actually doing, so just be careful. Chances are low that this will happen to you.

4. Be careful if you are playing while being in traffic (or outside of it).

Just stating the obvious here. If you will chose to play and drive, be careful not to bump in the front car. No matter how stupid it sounds, it can happen. Watching at your phone for Pokemons or Pokestops along the way, while accelerating, don’t do that.

Do you enjoy playing Pokemon GO with friends or even alone while being high? If you’ve got some interesting or funny stories about such an experience, don’t hesitate to share them.

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