Most Common Use of Medical Cannabis

As well all know, medical cannabis can really contribute in a positive way to a person’s life. The plant is used for illnesses such as glaucoma, to disorders such as anxiety. Have you ever questioned yourself, what is the most common purpose for medical cannabis in the United States of America?


The disease causes a person’s immune system to start fighting against the joints (non-smokable ones) – it is an auto-immune disease. Interested in knowing how many people suffer in USA? 1 out of 5 people is diagnosed with arthritis in the USA. As of today, the 22th of July 2016, there are around 325 million people in the USA. Developing arthritis is more likely to happen to you as you get older, but 2 out of 3 individuals suffer from the illness that are younger than 65. It is also more likely to develop in woman than in men. The expected number of arthritis patients will increase to 67 million by 2030.

Want to Prevent yourself from having arthritis?

Who doesn’t want to prevent themselves from experiencing such a pain in the ass? Every fucking one! Of course you don’t want to have achy pain in your joints, but if you already have, then just scroll down or continue reading in order to see how to make your life easier.

  • Eat Fish
  • Control you Weight (careful with the sugar in your soda drink)
  • Exercise
  • Take care of Your Body (don’t go too crazy, so that you don’t get injured)
  • Drink a glass of wine a day (NOT MORE!)
  • Check yourself with a doctor, once in a while dammit

How Cannabis Helps Ease Arthritis?

Historically, therapy with cannabis was used to treat certain arthritis. The reason why the herb is not as common as it could be to resolve the problem, is because it simply gets you high (sometimes too much), and some users don’t want to go through this experience. However, the presence of CB2 receptors was found in arthritis patients after the consumption of weed. People are currently working into developing the most effective and efficient way of consuming cannabis for this particular illness!


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