How to Smoke on the Beach Like a Pro

The beach is easily the best place to smoke. You can argue that you can never get the same level of comfort, like at your own house, but chilling on the beach while high is not to be missed. Many people, especially in countries where weed is illegal, are scared to smoke on a place as public as the beach, but there are ways to avoid getting caught while still enjoying yourself.

*Swimming while high is dangerous, be careful and try to avoid it.

  • My preferred trick to smoke up on the beach is doing it in the water.  You should do this one on your own risk, as swimming high is very dangerous and you might drown. If you chose to take the risk, here is what I do: You put a joint and a lighter in an airtight bag, could be a nylon bag or some Tupperware box and if you are really desperate a balloon, if you are truly beyond desperate, use a condom. A small joint tube would be great, but not necessary, it won’t keep your joint from getting wet, but you won’t break it.
  • Once you have a joint (or two) and a lighter in an airtight container, you swim out into the sea. I usually swim to the first buoy, set base there, even sit on it if it is a big one and light up my joint. Don’t worry about other people, most of the time no one will swim close enough to actually smell the weed and even if they do, they won’t call the cops. The only issue with this method is that it is very dangerous. You might drown when swimming high. Never smoke to much and try to do it with a friend, just in case. You might want to bring an inflatable mattress. Try to chill on the buoy, until you sober up a little. You should also only do it on a guarded beach.

  • The easiest and safest way to get high on the beach are edibles. You either buy them or make them  yourself. What is nice about edibles is that they take an hour to kick in, so you can just eat a brownie at home an a little after you are on the beach it should start to kick in. All you have to do is sit there and chill. Again, swimming while high is not advisable. If you plan to stay on the beach for more than 5 hours, you might want to bring another edible with you. You should be careful to choose something that won’t melt in the heat, so no chocolates, but brownies should be fine. Also keep in mind not to take to much, as you can easily overdose on edibles and puke, which you do not want to do on the beach. What you can always do is bring a few joints or a vape to the beach, to keep the high going.

  • Joints are good, but vapes are king on the beach. You can always bring a joint to the beach, preferably in a joint tube, so you don’t break it. Then you just go to some more secluded part of the beach and smoke up, using hash and tobacco in the joint is advisable as the smell will be more like a cigarette . The true king on the beach though, are vapes. You can simply lay there on your chair or towel and vape away. No one will look twice at you and if someone does, they will probably think it’s just an e-cigarette. If you don’t have a vape yet, consider signing up to our newsletter, for a chance to win one, for free. Whatever you chose to do, be careful and enjoy your summer.

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