How To Make Weed Pasta Pesto

For many people getting high with edibles means eating a brownie. However weed can be infused in anything with a lot of fat meaning that, cannabutter, cannaoil and cannabis milk all exist and will get you just as high. Pasta pesto is seen by many as ultimate food for when you have the munchies. It is easy, simple and cheap to make and it tastes great. However by pouring some THC infused pesto sauce on your pasta, you can also get high. Here is our easy recipe for weed pasta pesto.


What you will need for the cannabis pasta pesto:

Cannabis infused pesto – the recipe can be found here. How much you decide to add to your pasta depends on both taste and how high you want to get.

150 grams of pasta, per person – penne, fusilli or farfalle are probably the best to combine with pesto, but any pasta works.

Cheese- Parmesan is the best, but whatever you prefer.

You can also add cherry tomatoes, chicken or anything that you like with your pasta pesto, it does not really matter. The pesto is what gets you high.

Weed pasta pesto tips

  • All you need to do is cook the past the way you usually do it. Just follow the instructions on the back to see how long it needs to boil for
  • The weed pesto should not get too hot. Just ad it to your pasta, but do not heat it up in a pan or an oven as higher temperatures can reduce the potency of the weed.
  • Pesto weed cannabis does taste a bit different than normal pesto, so have that in mind.
  • Depending on how much cannaoil there is in the pesto, and how much pesto you add to the pasta you can get very high. Be careful, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for it to kick in.
  • Feel free to add anything you normally ad to the pasta to make it tastier.