How to Consume Weed

“Cannabis – A tall plant with upright stream, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fibre and as psychotropic drug. Also called hemp, marijuana.”

– Oxford Dictionary

The traditional way that 99% of us use to smoke the weed is through a joint. Crush it, roll it and take a hit, or let a friend do the first two and only be a part of the third step. However, there are plenty of other creative ways that you can get the THC in your body.


Simply explained – a marijuana cigarette, instead of tobacco you fill it with cannabis. Who doesn’t like the old traditional way?



Want to add a little creativity to the joint? Maybe change the colour, size and taste of the “paper”? Well, you probably know what I am talking about. This is the creative cannabis cigarette.


Grind it, place it, light it and don’t forget to block the hole with the finger. It’s that simple, yet it can get you x10 higher than a regular joint. The bad side of it is that your lungs consume a lot of smoke. However, if you don’t mind that and want to get a little bit higher, this is the choice for you.


This is the cheap and easy-to-use smoking device. A choof is placed on a cone in the end of a metallic cylinder. What you have to do next is light the green and enjoy the smoke.

Volcano Vaporiser

The volcano vaporiser can be an expensive option to get high, but if you can fund your smoking habits then you should definitely try this option. The volcano vaporiser is a less-harmful to the lungs choice than most of the different options to smoke the weed. It takes a little bit of work to prepare the material, but smoking it is effortless, inhaling from a plastic bag.


If you want to smoke for a long time with your large group of friends, then this is the choice for you. Why? Because you can keep on smoking and smoking until you feel the clouds holding your body. Also mixing it with the aromatic flavours of hookah tobacco makes an awesome combination.


This option is similar to a joint, but is more modern. You know the difference between cigarettes and e-cigarettes? The original paper cigarette  did not require any softwares and technologies while the new ones did. Another cool think about vaporisers is that they are also considered to be a less harmful option. You can smoke it easily without worrying if there are people around you.


Make cannabutter, and use your creativity to cook whatever meal you want, either a juicy dessert, or an Italian style pasta. The difference is that the high kicks in a while after, usually in around 40-60 minutes, and stays for a while longer. The feeling is stronger!


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