How 420 Became A National Holiday

420 blaze it. It’s a already turning into a cliche stoner slogan. We use the word daily, we celebrate every 20th of April and some of us smoke weed twice a day, every day at 4:20. However not that many people actually stop to think as to why we have chosen those two numbers. Or is it one number or 3, possibly a date? Well it turns out there is an official story to 420 and it’s a good one.

For the longest time we used to think 420 was a police code for smoking marijuana. Reefers heard the police using the code and soon enough began using it themseves. It then evolved into the slang word we know and love today today. This however turns out not to be true. The real story of 420 is much, much cooler.

It turns out it all started in San Rafael High School, California. Five stoners heard the legend of an abandoned marijuana crop somewhere around town. They decided to go on a hunt for the holy bud, since after all, free weed is just too much to resist for broke teenage stoners. Every day our five heroes would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue, in the school courtyard, get in the car, get high and get going, looking for the abandoned cannabis. Week after week they kept on doing this, meeting after school at 4:20 pm. They would remind each other in the school halls, just saying “4:20”. Soon they gave up on the weed crop, but the 4:20 code stuck. It also spread to other local stoners and reached national fame years later, after a reporter, wrongfully wrote a piece about it in a newspaper, saying it is a police code. So now you know. Wanna see something cool?


That’s the one and only statue of Louis Pasteur, the one where our five stoners used to meet after school to smoke up. Now that you know the truth dear reader, it is time to consider a much more sinister (and totally not backed up by anything) theory on the origins of 420.

Admittedly this is a wild theory, and there is no way to back it up, but journalistic integrity forces me to include it. You see Hitler was born on the 20th of April, quite an ironic coincidence that nowadays this day is celebrated by smoking a plant largely associated with peace. But things get weirder. In 1999 the Columbine school shooting happened, also on the 20th of April, with some people speculating the date was set on purpose to match Hitler’s birthday. Knowing this we should ask ourselves, would the US government have a reason to erase those memories from our heads with collective pot smoking? And more importantly how exactly does Pokemon Go tie into all of this? We may never know.

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