DEA: Federal Restriction on Marijuana Rejected to Loosen

If you don’t already know this, marijuana is strictly considered a Scheduled 1 drug, meaning that it has a high risk of being abused by individuals and has no medical use whatsoever. Other Scheduled 1 drugs include heroin, lsd, ecstasy and more. The problem with this, is that people are getting to know more and more realistic facts about the herb, and this is why there is so much fuzz created over this topic. The deal was not to legalise weed, but to change the plant from being a Scheduled 1 drug, to a Scheduled 2 drug, which seems very reasonable for a start.

Unfortunately, last week the Obama administration denied a bid by two Democratic governors to reconsider the way weed is treated, which means that the plant will be seen in the same way by the law as it has been over the many years that have passed.

Chief Chuck Rosenberg from the Drug Enforcement Administration says that the decision taken is connected with a scientific point of view “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States,”.

The decision is not based on danger – but on safety reasons.

The chairman of Marijuana Majority, Tom Angell said, “”President Obama always said he would let science — and not ideology — dictate policy, but in this case his administration is upholding a failed drug war approach instead of looking at real, existing evidence that marijuana has medical value,”.

Changing marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug is small progress, and the only advantage is more thorough research,” Polis says. “It’s absurd to group marijuana with a Schedule 1 drug like heroin, and while I’m pleased we are moving away from that grouping, the DEA has a long way to go before it catches up to medical science and public opinion. Congress should follow Colorado’s example and legalize and regulate marijuana nationwide, similar to alcohol, or step out of the way and let states do it.

— Jared Polis (Representative)

The problem is that this topic is becoming ridiculous. According to the DEA, smoking cannabis increases the dangers of you getting arrested, and this is actually a real thing, written in The DEA Position on Marijuana, a document, which was written back in 2011.

Another interesting fact is that according to CASA, they wrote in their report Criminal Neglect: Substance Abuse, Juvenile Justice, and the Children Left Behind, the younger people who use marijuana are more likely to get arrested more than once. The possibly wrote this to justify that the use of cannabis can increase the chances of the younger people to do other criminal activities, such as shoplifting.

Now, let us make this article a little bit more interesting. Marijuana, does not meet any requirements, except for a possible addiction for a Scheduled 1 drug. On the other hand, the two most used illicit drugs – alcohol and tobacco scientifically meet every single requirement to be Scheduled 1 drug. You see, this opens your mind to a lot of new question, that are unreasonable, because there is no answer to them. A reasonable explanation would suggest that the country makes tons of money through those two different substances, not just by selling them, but by having chemicals that cause some serious illnesses. What does this mean? More money for pharmaceutical companies. We are not saying anything in specific, apart from the fact that this is an unresolved puzzle, that is taking too damn long time to resolve itself.

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