Synthetic Marijuana

K2, also known as synthetic marijuana is something not so old, but something really crazy. The substitute to the cannabis we love, contains plenty of undesirable industrial chemicals that have been sprayed on the leaves, packed in a bag and sold with a print on, saying: “Not for human consumption!”. Even though there is a clear warning, the purpose of this substance is to smoke it and get high.

Less than a week ago, over 30 people were hospitalized in New York City. In the near past you were able to legally buy those types of spices in plenty of places in a lot of countries. Since K2 was banned in the Big Apple, the number of hospital visits was decreased by 85%.

Some Effects of K2

The National Institute of Drug Abuse stated that users of K2 can experience anxiety, agitation, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, shaking, seizures, hallucinations and paranoia. The drug also makes the users act erratically, experiencing respiratory problems and collapsing on the floors. Who smokes in order to receive this kind of effect? Well with ignorance, comes bliss. Many people smoke synthetic marijuana.

Why do people use it?

As we said before, with ignorance, comes bliss. But why would someone prefer to smoke this over the regular joint? K2 does not appear on drug tests, meaning that you won’t get fired or expelled from your work or school for smoking it.

Another fact, synthetic marijuana is much cheaper than the regular one, but this is because of its’ simplicity to be created. Gather a few leaves, spray them with easy-to-get chemicals and sell them on.

Would Legalising Marijuana Radically Decrease the Usage of K2?

With K2 being legal, many people would prefer the simplicity of purchase compared to weed and as said above, synthetic weed doesn’t show up on a drug test. Those are two important factors to consider.

Legalising cannabis will change the opinions of many people, and will make them more open-minded about this topic, which means that maybe in a few years more parents will change their mindsets about weed, from thinking that it is similar to harder drugs, they will realise that cannabis is actually not that bad. Many people will feel more comfortable about sharing their smoking habits, not only with families, but in their social lives. The number of companies who fire their workers for smoking a J, will significantly decrease as well!

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