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Cannabis in Liege

Experiencing the exploration of Liege with cannabis is tremendous fun for the people willing to explore Liege through the lenses of cannabis. The cannabis law in Liege, Belgium isn’t created with the intention to put much attention on the cannabis consumers. Finding cannabis in Liege doesn’t require much efforts in comparison to other cases such as finding weed in Slovakia.

Being located in Belgium, Liege is part of one of Europe’s beautiful spots. Belgium has an immensely vivid history that goes back a very long time ago – it defines the unique architecture of the city. Exploring Liege with the contribution of weed is surely a new experience as it enables the explorers to view the city through a different perspective. The cannabis industry is dark place and transactions related to cannabis happen behind government’s back. However, the fact that consuming weed is not majorly prohibited, makes up for the economy’s loss.

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Cannabis Laws in Liege, Belgium

Liege is not very concerned with cannabis as other more important problems are higher up on city’s priority list. If caught smoking cannabis in Liege, with a relatively small extra amount on you – ideally 3 grams, securely 5 grams, the sanctions can be minimal from having your cannabis confiscated to paying a fine of anywhere between 90 to 150 euros.

If caught with more than 5 grams, you significantly increase the risk of suspicious cops. Being accused of making money by dealing cannabis, or in other words, being a dealer, can cause a different and more unpleasant police reaction. Avoid carrying multiple small cannabis bags when possible to minimise any negative impact. If caught as a dealer of cannabis, the sanctions become much tougher, one could be easily sent to prison for years for the offense of the law. We suggest to any potential cannabis user to be cautious and aware of their environment and proceed with care, for an unproblematic and highly enjoyable experience.

As said above, Cannabis possession, cultivation and selling are all illegal in  Liege, Belgium. There are however, aggravating circumstances, such as smoking in a public place or near children, which can increase the fine into the thousands, or even lead to jail.

Again, you should strive to ideally carry less than 3 grams of cannabis on you as this can get you into more trouble than just a fine.

Where to Find Cannabis in Liege, Belgium

Finding cannabis in Liege is a relatively easy task. Finding weed in Charleroi is not a problem that requires large efforts. Maintain focus on locals who’s appearance shows of a potential user or sellers. Don’t go around foolishly asking anyone, the younger individuals are more likely to help you find what you are looking for.

Potential locations of finding cannabis are as in all other cities, specifically the train station. Keep in mind that the more populated the location is, the higher the likeliness of a higher price deal.

Cannabis Prices in Liege, Belgium

Chapelle-lez-herlaimont, Hainaut $174 an ounce high quality July 4, 2018
Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen $12 a gram medium quality June 19, 2018
Verviers, Liege $412 an eighth high quality June 14, 2018
Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest $12 a gram high quality June 12, 2018
Mechelen, Antwerpen $12 a gram medium quality June 6, 2018
Ixelles, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest $12 a gram high quality May 9, 2018
Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest $18 a gram high quality April 26, 2018
Bredene, West-Vlaanderen $49 5 grams medium quality April 13, 2018
Ichtegem, West-Vlaanderen $12 a gram high quality April 12, 2018
Mechelen, Antwerpen $25 a gram high quality March 10, 2018
Profondeville, Namur $12 a gram medium quality March 5, 2018
Brugge, West-Vlaanderen $24 a gram medium quality February 28, 2018
Vorst, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest $12 a gram high quality February 22, 2018
Scherpenheuvel, Brabant $123 10 grams high quality February 17, 2018
Hasselt, Limburg $12 a gram high quality February 6, 2018

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