Cannabis as a Medicine – Part II

In “Cannabis as a Medicine – Part I”, we have discussed some of the advantages of marijuana as a medicine. In this chapter however, we will look deeper into the topic.


Cannabis is known to help people in difficult situations, especially ones that can arise from being HIV positive, or having aids. The problem that arises from having the STDs is that you will most probably experience lack of appetite a lot of the time. Following, because of the unpleasant feeling you get by eating food, you stop eating and you might even develop anorexia. Cannabis is useful when it comes to making it a little better, as the person who consumes it is more likely to eat.


Smoking a J, can significantly decrease anxiety and fix your mood right on the spot. The problem is smoking more than you should, then you can actually increase anxiety. That is proved by researches at Harvard Medical School.


A whole article on arthritis, right here!

Might Help to Reverse the Carcinogenic Effect of Tobacco and Improve Lung Health

The American Medical Association Journal, published a study in 2012, which states that cannabis can even increase lung capacity.

After 5,115 adults were put on a test over the course of 20 years, the results were shocking! Users of the herb actually had some significant results, and had an increased lung capacity in the end of the experiment.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

There is little evidence that smoking pot, reduces the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but it is still there!

That’s all for today! Hope to see you soon in the last part “Cannabis, a Medicine for the People! – Part 3”.

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