Cannabis and Your Relationship

A lot of the times, many couples in which one smokes and the other one doesn’t occur some problems at some point, it can be the beginning or the end. The question we will be speculating has many options for you, if you are in this type of place, depending on the person you are.

However, this article is not targeted for the lovebirds that are a natural weed couple.

You live for Yourself

If you are the type of girl or guy that lives for themselves and wouldn’t want to change their lifestyle habits because of a soulmate – completely normal. Here are some solutions for you:

Just Normal

If this is the case, and you feel that your partner is interfering too much with what you do, then you should definitely take a step back. Look, this doesn’t mean to be an asshole and make the other one feel down, but you should explain how the situation is and stick to it, don’t get emotional.

Do You Really Lover Her?

If you do and you are sure that she is the right person for you, then you should probably cut down on it. If you want to read more, see ( You Love Her/ Him ).

You Love Her/ Him

If you have a partner in whom you can see something in, that attracts you beyond the beauty or the sexual attraction, then things are a little different. Look, being in a relationship can be a pain in the ass, but it definitely has its’ ups as well. All you want to do is to smoke that J, without get paranoid or worrying what you girlfriend/ wife or boyfriend/ husband will tell you or how they will react.


It will take a long time, before you can change the opinion of your partner, but in the end it is worth it. Many of the people don’t like weed because of how the society views it, but others just don’t like the effect of it, whichever your partner will understand you at some point.

Give them a realistic view of the effects of marijuana. However, during this period of communication make sure to balance your use, as you need to make a sacrifice for your partner in order for her/him to see your efforts.

After a while, if she/he has a realistic vision of cannabis, she/he will be more chilled and accept the smoking part in you. If not, then it’s up to you to decide if you can or can’t continue with a person who confronts your smoking.

Best of luck!

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