Best Coffeeshops in Maastricht

Maastricht is known as an old, beautiful Dutch city, with a lot of arts and culture to show. It is however also a young and thriving city, with a lot of students from around the country and the world living and studying there. Being a Dutch city it has a lot of great things to offer, one of which are its coffeeshops. Don’t forget you do need a “weed pass” them.


1. Kosbor

Located on the Kleine Gracht 3, and open from 11AM to 12AM every day. Kosbor has a great selection of weed as well as perhaps the best interior in all of the coffeeshops in Maastricht. It has a clean nice look and mainly students go there. The price to quality ration is great.

2. Club 69

It is located on the Grote Gracht 97 and it is open from 9AM to 1AM. Before you ask it gets its name from the sex shop it is next to. This coffeeshop is quite small, but it does offer some places to sit down. It is generally full and usually visited by locals, but students living near by do come by as well. There is however a large selection of both weed and hash, so you should be able to find something you like.

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3. Cool Running

It is located on the Brusselsestraat 35 and it is open from 1PM ro 11PM. It gets its name from the infamous movie Cool Running. This coffeeshop has some of the best prices in all of Maastricht, but it does not have quite as big of a selection as some of the others. On the inside it is quite big and Rasta themed, it offers a PS4 to its patrons.

 4. Coffeeshop Mississippi

This coffeeshop opens from 9:30AM to 2AM, making it both the earliest opening and the latest closing one on the list. It is located on the  Maasboulevard 11 and you cannot miss it, since it is a boat on the water. There are a couple of shops near it, also on Boats, but the Mississippi is known for being the coffeeshop open until the latest, meaning you will often see people running towards it at around 2AM. There is not much place to sit inside, so most people just buy the weed and go smoke somewhere else.