TheHighCan is run by two friends who share the passion for smoking cannabis.

With this site, we are going to educate, entertain and inform you on everything cannabis-related.

Who are We?

Creating and sharing with the web is an inspiration for both.

A Brief History

Est. 2016

It All Started On …

an empty beach, around 5am, when the sun was just about to raise, not yet bright, but still coloring the skies red, orange and yellow. We were sitting on a chair, smoking our first joint, talking about how high we were about to get, not knowing you are supposed to inhale.

It’s been years since that first joint, and many others have followed – bongs, blunts, brownies, you name it, one of us has tried it. And with lots of smoking, comes  lots of knowledge.

Knowing the HowWhenWhere and Why of cannabis is essential for us, smokers, who want to succeed. Thru out high school, college and our lives we have kept on smoking, working and living. This is the future of weed, young successful smokers, who drive the community forward.

The Stoner culture is entering into the mainstream, but it is still young and needs to be developed. Someone needs to guide new smokers, educate older ones and entertain the pros, in order to bring them all together. That’s why we created this site.