A New Study on Cannabis: How Weed is Consumed around the World

Rolling with tobacco is the standard in Europe, in the USA however only 16% do. We all smoke a lot of weed, but in different ways


There are a lot of ways to consume weed. Joints, Blunts, Bongs, CBD, Edibles, Hash are the obvious ones. It also turns out different regions have different habits when it comes to marijuana consumption. A new study, conducted by University College London, is the first study out there that has been done on the different ways of cannabis consumption.

“Cannabis is less addictive than tobacco, but we show here that mixing tobacco with cannabis lowers the motivation to quit using these drugs.”

— Chandni Hindocha, from University College London, who led the research


It probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the tobacco in your spliffs could be getting you more addicted, compared to a pure marijuana join. According to the researchers tobacco is also more addictive than cannabis itself. This raises the question why tobacco which is more addictive and bad for you is legal, and cannabis is not, in most parts of the world, but this is a discussion for another day.

The study analyzed the smoking behavior of 33 687 weed smokers from 18 countries, and gave us valuable insight as to how weed is smoked around the world. Some of the most interesting findings are:

  • In Europe, tobacco in your joints is standard with ranges from 77.2% to 90.9% in different countries.
  • In Australia and New Zealand the rates of tobacco mixed with cannabis are 51.6% and 20.7% respectively. The difference with Europe is staggering, but the fact that Australians and New Zealanders smoke so differently is also unexpected.
  • Where the numbers get really interesting are the Americas. Canada has a tobacco weed mixing rate of 16%, whereas the US only has 4.4%. Mexico doesn’t really like tobacco in their joints with 6.9%of consumers mixing the two.
  • It also turns out those who use tobacco love to smoke joints with 93.4% saying they prefer joints to any other way of smoking
  • Those who don’t like tobacco with their weed preferred a much more diverse assortment of smoking materials, with pipes being the most popular scoring 11.7%

This study is important, because it is one of the first such cannabis studies. Hopefully in the future as weed becomes more and more socially acceptable and legal we will see even more studies on cannabis. The study also helps us see that weed consumption is actually very very diverse around the world. We all have different habits when it comes to smoking, and it is interesting seeing how legalization and marijuana entering the mainstream will change those habits.

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