7 Tips That will Have you Rolling Better Joints

We all have that friend who rolls the best joints. Everybody loves that friend. Well, lucky for you after today you’re going to be that friend. If you already know how to roll a joint, use these seven tips to take your rolling skills to the next level.

1.  Always use a Crutch

Crutch, filter or tip, no matter what you call it, using a crutch is a sure-fire method to rolling better joints. Not only do they allow you to smoke more of the joint, and make it smoke better, but it helps you roll them better too. The trick to making a good crutch is to fold the end into a W before rolling it into a cylinder.


2. Choose the Right Paper

If you choose the wrong paper, your joints just aren’t going to be great. A lot of people like the flavored papers, but they usually have artificial dyes, bleaches and other toxins that you shouldn’t be smoking. RAW papers made from hemp are sturdy, burn slow and evenly making them the perfect choice.


3. Roll it Into Place Before Rolling it up

You don’t just go in for the kiss the second you meet someone do you? Probably not. Well, that’s what you’re doing if you’re not packing your cannabis into place before making your final roll. After you have your cannabis lined out on the paper, roll the paper up and down a few times until the bud takes the shape of a joint and your joints will always have that professional look.


4. Arrange the Cannabis Correctly

To roll a good joint, you need to do a little bit of planning. Are you going to roll a pinner? Or, maybe a cone joint? Make sure you think about the type of joint you’re going to roll before you start so you can distribute the cannabis across the paper the correct way.


5. Grind your Bud up Right

Now, this one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s super important. Little stems are a joint papers worst enemy. It won’t take much to pop a hole in the paper ruining the entire joint. So, make sure you’re grinding your bud finely enough. Preferably with a grinder, but you can use your fingers as long as it’s a good enough grind.


6.  Crumble up the Paper First

Wait, what? That’s right. I’m telling you to crush your paper into a little ball before you roll it up. If you do, the paper becomes much easier to handle while you’re rolling. It also helps control runs believe it or not!


7. Use a Dollar Bill to Roll

If you’ve tried all of these tips to roll better joints and your joints still suck, then this may be your savior. Use a dollar bill as a makeshift joint rolling machine to roll a perfect joint every time. Simply place the bud in a dollar that’s folded in half, give it a few rolls up and down, place the paper in the middle of the dollar and roll it up.


Using these joint rolling tips your joints will be so good that you’ll quickly get tired of being the friend that always has to roll the joints. When it comes down to rolling perfect joints, it’s going to take practice. So, don’t stop rolling and you’ll keep getting better!

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