Weed in Athens

People who’re passionate about history and learning about different cultures definitely have Greece high on their list, especially Athens. The city was once the capital and the heart of Ancient Greece which was one of the most influential empires and civilizations known today. The city is full of ancient temples, buildings and archaeological findings which is like a heaven for history lovers. Is there any better way to explore Athens than smoking cannabis and really dip into the history? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information about getting and smoking weed in Athens. sun-3082625_1280.jpg

Cannabis Law in Greece

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and forbidden. If you get caught by Greek police and they find you any quantity of cannabis on you, then expect to have a harsh time to get yourself outside that situation. However, Greece has more serious problems they’re facing a recession, financial crisis and opium addiction, so police won’t usually bother with cannabis. Just use your common sense and don’t smoke in historical or public places. Athens is a city with many green places, so it’s a common thing that younger people gather in parks and smoke some weed.

Where to Get Cannabis in Athens

Getting weed hugely depends on your connections and season you plan to visit Athens. It’s much easier to score higher quality cannabis during the summer season as the city is more populated with tourists during the summer which means more potent weed. The best bet for finding a potent weed during summer months are beaches Kavouri and Limanakla. There will be many tourists and younger people hanging around and smoke. Be polite and approach them with positivity and they will most likely help you out. Street dealing isn’t common in the city, but if that’s your only option, check out Monastiraki area, but be careful as some people may try to rob you and you won’t get high-quality cannabis there. Always try to meet local friends and they will probably help you out with anything!

Cannabis Prices in Athens

The price hugely depends on the people you know and quality of cannabis. For example, a high-quality and branded strains are usually priced starting from $15 per gram. These strains are a bit harder to find, but if you don’t have luck, you can still get your hands on lower quality cannabis that usually comes from Albania. The price for one gram of that weed starts at $6. greece-1594689_1280

Other Information

It’s pretty easy to score decent cannabis in Athens, and a lot of people are smoking, especially during summer time. Weed is still illegal in Greece, but police don’t tend to focus too much on cannabis. Always use your common sense when buying and smoking and you will most likely have an amazing time in Athens. Enjoy your stay!

Written by John Smith

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