Where to Travel in California

Wether you are from California or not, doesn’t really matter, those places are a must, those places offer views like no other – beautiful! And you know what else is amazing? The sun and the awesome weather that makes you feel alive, when you see it with combination of the views – an orgasm for your eyes, dammit! 

Yosemite Park

If you are anywhere near San Francisco, you should open a new tab, and start booking the necessities for the travel, a car is a must, some friends as well! You drive, and see the huge green trees, you make a turn, and suddenly you see those big ass rocks as well. Don’t forget the lakes, the lakes are the most awesome locations for your J session. The bad side is that you will get to experience what deforestation actually is.

Lake Tahoe

Actually, you can travel through Yosemite park to reach lake Tahoe, this will make up for a great experience, I promise you that! The lake has to offer so so much. For example, you go and rent a boat with a couple of your friends, you sail deep into the waters, and reach some AMAZING places. Park the boat, turn off the engine and sit your ass down. Roll that J, or get it out, if you already have gone past the rolling part. Now light the J, as you feel the sunlight gently heating your skin.

Napa Valley

If you like wine in combination with weed, this will be a heaven on Earth type of location for you! You will manage to see wine farms all around the place, and the better thing is that you can actually go to the farms, and get to taste some GOOD wine. There are so many places on the road, to stop by and smoke a J, as you get to experience some beautiful views, and again combined with the California’s sun, makes this even more enjoyable.

Pacific Coast Highway (Road Trip)

Not much to say here. This will either be the best drive or ride in your life. Driving on the edge, and looking at the pacific coast on your side, will make you realise that there is nothing close, on the other side, but water (a couple of thousands miles away far from any other land, apart from little islands). If you are a US citizen, then this is a must. You will go there and be even more proud of what your country has to offer.

Written by John Smith

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